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Art Ambush Local Tattoo studio run by Lizzy Tanner

Casa de Castillo: Elysium established by Lizzie Tanner

Papa Rollos Pizza Elysium established by Gimpy

Hog Creek Icehouse Elysium established by Buddy Sken

Cameron Park Zoo

Scruffy Murphy’s Elysium established by Monica Sken

The Crying Shame: Elysium established by Susannah Spencer.

West, Texas Never… NEVER stop here. Confirmed large Lupine presence here.

Dallas, Texas Dallas is the Camarilla Stronghold of Texas. For the Camarilla, they see Dallas as the last bastion of ‘civilized’ Kindred society before the Sabbat influence from Mexico City begins to take root. Because of this,there are a large number of powerful, militant Camarilla living in the city. It is also supposedly home to one of the oldest Tremere in North America, and has a well established Chantry.

Houston, Texas Is the nearest substantial Sabbat Stronghold. While the Sabbat has a well deserved reputation of extreme violence toward humans, the Three Arch-bishops (a unique setup where each claims sovereignty over a different aspect of the kindred condition) have insisted on a low key approach to key of the city. This has had a number of younger Sabbat frothing at the mouth, ready for conflict.

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