Game setup and exceptions

For the most part, we’ll be following V:TM’s rules, with a few exceptions noted here:

1. The Nosferatu disadvantage is more akin to what is established in Vampire: The Requiem. Namely, that Nosferatu have a ‘disturbing’ presence about them that surrounds their appearance. So, instead of having a permanent 0 on appearance, All rolls involving appearance are at a MINIMUM difficulty of 9. This allows the Nos to function in a smaller setting w/o high levels of Obfuscate. However, the player may CHOOSE to adopt the V:TM hindrance, as a 1pt flaw.

2. Any Malkavian character has to be approved by the DM… it might be best for you to consider another option. To put it bluntly, Malkavians are the hardest characters to play well, and all too often end up as some ridiculous stereotype. I’ve had more than one Player quit a game because of a poorly played Malkavian (in different games, no less) so I want you to think hard about going this route.

3. You may have a maximum of 5 points in flaws. Any more will drive your character to being nearly unplayable.

4. The ‘physical’ disciplines will be handled a bit differently. When a player activates Fortitude, they automatically soak their Fortitude value from damage. If a player suffers from aggravated damage, they must roll to soak (their fortitude value) per normal. Potence EITHER adds to a Strength dice pool OR automatically adds its value to melee/brawl attacks (you must decide what you do prior to attack). Celerity EITHER adds dice to a Dexterity roll OR grants extra actions (one per Dot). You should also expect that you will frequently move faster than certain objects can function (for example, you if you have a Celerity rating of 3, you should not expect to get 3 shots off with a handgun. It just doesn’t fire that fast.)

5. Sabbat/Camarilla distinction are more ideological and less ‘clan-based’. By this I mean that you’ll find more Lasombra in the Camarilla and Tremere in the Sabbat… or followers of Set in either. I do this because I think the whole ‘clan warfare bit’ to be a bit trite and forced. So, to put it in simple terms, the Camarilla is a group of vampires focused on preserving the secret nature of Kindred while the Sabbat claim to attack sleeping ancients.

That being said, the clans do still adhere to their ‘traditional’ stereotypes. Clan Giovanni, for instance, is still just as tight knit and inbred as described in the books. So, MOST of the Giovanni are unaffiliated. However, there are some who have connections to either faction, and they aren’t automatically suspected to be Camarilla douches or Sabbat psychos because of their Clan. Feel free to call them necrophiliac in breeders though, cause, you know… they are.

6. While I don’t mind bloodlines in the game, I reserve the right to suggest that you try to stay ‘mainline’ certain bloodlines are just variations of ‘core clans’ while others are just flat-out lame (I’m a vampire singer, aren’t I a unique snowflake!?)

Game setup and exceptions

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