Susannah Spencer

Local Sheriff


Susannah lost her legs when she was pushed off of boarding platform at Union Station, in Kansas City. She, to this day, thinks that it was some ‘stupid cracker who didn’t have to brains to wait for her to move.’ In reality, it was her sire, testing the mettle of a potential progeny. Instead of breaking her, it turned her into a hard pragmatist. As she says, "Being a ‘colored’ cripple in the south never gave me much of anything. No way I’m giving anything but spit back.

Prior to her embrace, she learned a number of different fighting styles, most notably her proficiency in thrown weapons. When she uses her wheelchair, she usually has a number of razor sharp throwing discs in her backpack.

A clear bucking of the Lasombra sterotype, Susannah doesn’t give a hairy rat’s rectum about politics. She, frankly, just wants to be left alone. She’s mastered Obtenebration to the point where the lack of lower limbs is no longer a concern. Rumors persist about her loyalty, but no one has dared to suggest anything openly. If there is ANY since of loyalty the woman possesses, it’s found in ‘Gimpy’… though neither offers any reason why.

Susannah Spencer

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