Buddy Sken

Prince of Waco


‘Buddy’ Sken:
Buddy isn’t big on titles. Prince, Baron, Priest… call ‘em what you will, those are the Mothers who are sitting on top of the crap heap. And, at least to Buddy, Waco is one big Crap heap. Buddy arrived in Waco in the mid 30’s, right in the middle of the dust bowl. Susannah and ‘Gimpy’ had little concern for Undead politics, and so Sken just started acting as an authority for local kindred. The older kindred think of him as little more than a paper prince. The young see him as little more than a bully.

With plenty of folks to feed on, lots of opportunities for investment, Buddy is now a big fish in a tiny pond… and is just happy being the top predator (at least, until you get to West, TX.)
Loosely affiliated with the Camarilla of Dallas, Sken enforces the traditions. His biggest concern, though, is his realization that his carefully crafted pond is threatened by the lakes that are Dallas, Houston, and the recent arrival of those ‘Anarch Batos.’

Buddy Sken

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